The same promise, yet again?

Hey readers!
I tend to write very little these days as I’m writing about other sports at work, and I have to say that I’m loving it here at my organisation. It’s been 11 months now since I joined this place and its truly been one amazing journey for me so far. Have learned so much each day, and I look forward to thriving in every challenge that’s in front of me.

Anyway, work and my personal life aside, the best part about the last few days has been the departure of Alexis Sanchez from my club, #Arsenal. I say ‘best part’ because over the past six-seven months, Sanchez had been having a damaging effect on the team and the club as a whole. But now that he’s gone, everything is looking great for us.

With the Winter Transfer Window, I am very hopeful that Arsenal will do well to make another signing in the form of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund. There have been rumours and reports all over the internet, but the people involved in the ongoing talks will only know if it can happen or not. However, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will get over the line and such a great signing will only strengthen our team.

I am also hoping Jack Wilshere and Mesut Ozil will stay at the club post this 2017/18 season, and it would mean that the club and officials can focus on bringing world-class defensive players to the squad, making us a top club again (not that we are not one at the moment).

I would’ve really liked to see Arsenal bring in Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2018, but it looks like the club have other plans. Signing Griezmann would’ve sent a bold statement to everyone around the world that Arsenal can also match the financial power, that of PSGs and Citys. But even without Griezmann, I think we will do pretty well.

One player that I have never been sure about, and I think should’ve also been sold is, Danny Welbeck. The fellow is not a proper striker, he’s not a proper winger. And whenever I see him on the pitch, he looks like someone who doesn’t know what he wants to do and where he wants to play. I hope Wenger sells him in the summer, but as he said in a recent press conference, the Frenchman isn’t planning to sell him and wants him to stay.

Overall, there are positive signs at the club and maybe if Wenger leaves this summer, we can really look at bringing the Germany coach Joachim Loew, who will give us an advantage that he will be able to attract top German talent to the club. Have also read reports of Carlo Ancelotti joining us in the summer, but I don’t see Wenger leaving the club anytime soon if he qualifies for the UEFA Champions League, by winning the UEFA Europa League or finishing in the Top-4. However, he definitely needs to win the Europa League to prove to everyone that this team is made up of winners and can match any team in the world.

Also, I would like to wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2018! This is my first post of the year, and hopefully its not the last. I will leave you guys with the same promise yet again that I will try to post as often as I can, and will get in the habit of writing my own blog, apart from my commitments at work.

Keep the love coming!

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Confused/Tired af.

Hey reader,

It’s been a weird past month and a half for me personally. On one hand, I’ve settled well at my new office and I’m beginning to open up with people. But on the other hand, I’ve been feeling low because I don’t know where all the love has vanished from my life.

It’s hurts though when I lie down and really think about it, and that is exactly the time when I’m losing my control and I end up texting her again. I know this is a phase and it will pass. And I am also aware that writing about these things on a social media website isn’t the best thing to do. But honestly, I don’t want to share it with anyone, but at the same time, I want to get it all out.

I always used to believe that I was good at moving on, but I’m slowly realizing that I’m not. Because I’ve never felt this broken before. It’s not like its her fault or something. My fault – I screwed up. But the manner in which everything is happening – its really tough for me to handle.

Anyway, I’m not here to be a sadistic lover, I’m here to write about what I think about the whole Arsenal, Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Arsene Wenger scenario. First of all, Arsene Wenger, for me, is the man who needs to sign the deal straight away. Then he should sell both Sanchez and Ozil (I prefer him staying though). But if Wenger can sell Ozil, that way you’ll have Jack Wilshere back at the club (I love him because he’s a passionate player, and he’s a fighter, something that we really need at this club), and Wenger could splash the cash to buy a better player than Ozil.

The problem and the question that arises is that, are there any better players available who can replace the Chilean and the German at the club? And sadly, I would think all established, proven players are settled in their respective teams, but we could get out that extra cash, and prove to everyone that we are a big club and we can match the spendings of other clubs (when required). I would want Antoine Greizmann at Arsenal, under Wenger, with Koscielny and Giroud already in the side, and don’t forget, Giroud and Greizmann link well very well. Get a winger to replace Sanchez, probably give more game time to Lucas Perez, and bring back Joel Campbell.

However, I’m just blabbering I think. I really need to take my mind off of my current relationship situation because it has been affecting me in the wrong ways. I’m confused, I don’t know what to do, I have gotten settled in this monotonous routine where I get up, go to office, work, come home, play a game or watch something, and then sleep late.

I don’t want that for the rest of my life. If I’m being honest, I really want my girl to come back to me. I know I could do all this and fall in love again and find a better girl, but I don’t want to do this with anyone else in this entire world. I want to do it with her, I want to love her for the rest of my life.

The fact that I’m blabbering indicates I shouldn’t write much today because to you, readers, it wouldn’t even matter at all. Hence,until next time, goodbye.

Long time, no see?

Hello there, it’s been a couple of years I think since I’ve written something here. Hence I decided to finally have a go once again and hopefully this time I’ll write again soon after this one.

A lot has happened in my life since the last time I posted something. Two magnificent years with a magnificent person was the highlight. But sadly we’ve broken up because of complications. But to sum it all up, it was almost a perfect journey which was never meant to last. But what I do know is that I’m never going to give up on that magnificent person. I’m not happy with the break up but weeks of thinking have also made me realize that life does go on.

However, I was very sad when I realized that such things happen in a relationship. And to end a beautiful journey which spanned for over two years, it’s depressing because you make so many plans, and realistically think about a future together. But in life, there are no securities at all, you cannot take anything for granted.

I’ve just started with a new job, so I’m finally a PR Consultant at a private firm and I’m loving the job. Keeping myself busy is something I’ve been focusing on.

As for everything else that is happening in my life, my favorite club, Arsenal, have been struggling but I’m sure that they will put the bad results behind them soon and start a winning run which will include beating Bayern Munich away and at home. And I’m sad to see Arsene Wenger being criticized after every bad result. Stop it already people.

I have work at the moment, so see you soon guys. Leave your comments if you’d like to know more.

Until next time, keep the smiles on your faces and make sure to bring a smile on others’ faces as well.


The life.

Life, as we know it, refers to the span of time a person is alive. Life is that part, that word, which we so often use in our daily routines. Life is messy! Life is good! Life sucks! Life is boring! Life is exciting! What is life? And what’s the basic purpose of ‘life’?
As much as I know about life, it is just the time span until we die. For me, life is from when I was born and till the day I die. For you, it would be since when you were born and when you die. All that we say and do in life is secondary until we find a ambition to live and keep living. And when we fulfill that ambition, we are ready to die.
The pure intention of writing this piece is to make you realize what you want to achieve in your life. Do you know exactly what you want to be and where you want to be the same time next year? The next two years? 10 years? If you know, you’re good at living your life. But if you don’t, you’re just waiting for things to happen, rather than making them happen.
In the 18 years that I’ve lived, I’ve learned this, that if you don’t work for yourself and wait for things to happen, they will never happen. Just get up, have a smile on your face and make that thing happen. If you fail, try again until you succeed. If its not working, don’t be a fool. Do it some other way. There is always a substitute for everything and I mean everything.
Life is a broad term, it includes everything and everybody around us. Even the strangers are a part of your life. Everything you see and hear and feel is life. Don’t live it just to have a normal life. Live it to have that extraordinary life. Live your each day with the sense of realism. Dream and think of the things you don’t have and you want to have. And get up the next day, and find a way to get those things in the short or the long run. Working hard for a day doesn’t mean you can have rest the next day. It means giving your all each day.
I’m writing this because I want you to find that idea, work for it, and finally have it as your own.
Life is hard..its difficult..entirely difficult for some..a bit difficult for some..easy for some. It is granted to us just this one time by God or whoever that one owner of the universe is. He wants us to make the most of it. Make memories. Make discoveries. Make love. Make people smile. Make children. Make the world a better place for everyone to live in. Help people in need if you have the ability to do so. And when you are old, you can look back without any regrets and say to yourself “Yes, I did pretty well this time.”
Make the most of everyday. Enjoy with family, friends. Enjoy most of the time. And when it matters, be diligent and work hard.
Hard word and struggle are the two things every successful human being has to do in order to get there.
I’m a philosophical lad at times. 😛
And I like people smiling and making them smile. It gives you satisfaction that you make somebody smile.
I have lot of work to do to bring that smile on everybody’s face and each day I work for that smile. And I’m selfish too, I work to have that smile on my face too because LIFE is short and you wouldn’t know how quickly the 70-80 years of your life fly by even before you realize it. So make the most this life. Maybe we only live once. Who knows?!
Cheers to life and bring a smile on your loved ones’ faces. Take care and work hard. 😀

See you soon

Its been a tough, rough and lazy couple of months. I haven’t been writing much these days. And the world’s greatest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup 2014 is on. Hence, no posts.
I’ve written some pieces which I’ll share with you guys in the future. Its a really weird phase for me personally..but you know what? I’m a fighter. And I love winning.
Talking about the World Cup, I’ve been cheering for three teams so far- Germany because of the Arsenal trio, Portugal because of the best player in the world, and Netherlands for their great exciting football. Spain’s been knocked out which is a shame..they’ve been the best world champions and I would like to see them defend their European crown with much potency.
Anyways, the Portugal-USA game is on and that is why I’m up at 4:30am in the morning. At halftime, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal have a 1-0 lead through Nani’s goal in the 5th minute.
I will definitely post much more in the next month or two. I’m missing college now and can’t wait for the 3rd semester to begin.
I would definitely like it if that someone would read this, someone who was supposed to meet me.
Take care fellas. Keep smiling and bring a smile on your loved ones’ faces.

There’s this girl.

It was February 2012. I think it was 18th February. I was on Facebook, just surfing through it. I got a message from this girl. It said “Hii…do you remember me?” I couldn’t figure out who she was at the first thought, because she had messaged me from her sister’s ID. Then she told me her name and I said “Yes….yes…yes…I do remember.” How could I probably ever forget her?!
Let me first tell you the interlude. I got to know this girl the very first time when I was in 10th grade. It was around September 2010. Those days were spent on the social networking site, Orkut. I randomly sent her a request and she accepted it. We got to know each other pretty well back then. It was too early for two people to exchange numbers but we did that in the first couple of days. We used to chat all day. I remember, when I told her that I was single, she said “why are you kidding me?” She didn’t believe me then. But I was single. The chats went on for just about a week until she changed her number (I didn’t know she had changed her number, all I knew was that her number was no longer in service). I thought she was that girl whom you got to know for a week and then never talked to. That was done, days went by, I did try calling on her number but to no avail. Honestly, it didn’t bother me much maybe because she told me she was committed. So I never thought about her much. She was fun to talk to. Her sense of humour was good and she used to make me laugh. I dropped messages for her on Orkut as well but she never read them. She hasn’t opened Orkut since then I guess. (Orkut is history now).
Back to the time when she texted me on facebook- I was in 11th grade then. She told me her name and we caught up pretty well, talking about all the changes that had taken place in those 17 months. (Now that is a lot of time). I asked her why she didn’t tell me she had changed her number or wasn’t going to be in touch. She explained it was because of the restrictions put on her by her mother. I was so happy to talk to her again. This time, like before, we exchanged numbers too. The best thing about that February was, she was single and so was I. We talked, and talked and talked. She is the best girl I’ve ever talked to. But then again, after a week, her number was switched off. I got worried this time. Maybe because I had fallen for her or because I didn’t want to wait another day to finally meet her. But then the next couple of days were the best. She called me up, she said sorry and stuff (she sounded so good when she used to say sorry), we decided to meet. It was 29th February,2012- the day I met her for the first time. And it was Wednesday, I was so excited. (It was a leap year, plus I’m good with the dates). It was around 4pm that she came, as she was bunking her tuitions (Maths I think it was). The first time I saw her, “Wow”, I said. I murmured something and went towards her. We were at a busy crowded place. We shook hands and decided to go to a nearby park which had a lake. We sat down, talked, and I looked into her eyes, they were like diamonds. I can still remember how it felt looking into those eyes, but I don’t have words. She is the most beautiful girl in this world. Her hands, her cheeks, her eyes, her hair, her lips, everything made me fall in love with her at the first sight. Add to that, it was the feeling I got being with her, just talking about silly things, singing for her, she sang along with me once, walking with her hand in hand, those moments were priceless. Even before I realized, I had fallen in love with her completely, we had fallen in love. (She said she loved me so many times, the best was the first time she said it to me on a phonecall). There was a remark she made holding my hands and looking at them, she said that my hands were just like her father’s. I was…I was just so happy hearing that and looking at her. Her smile that was a billion dollar smile. And it gave me that vibe- “You have me” wali. That was arguably the best day of my life. She didn’t have much time though, we said our goodbyes plenty of times only for us to keep coming back to each other and smiling aimlessly. It was love. I did make her meet my friends that day. Then finally she left, with that tight hug. The moment when she was my everything, all I could think about was in my arms. I was over the moon, the sun, the universe, everything.
My exams were on, so  we didn’t meet for a couple of days after that. The next time we met, it was supposed to be the bestest day but turned out to be the worst. Since that day, I’ve always loved her very much and its really sad we had to part our ways. The last time we spoke was in June 2012 and her last words to me were “We’ve always had this problem….we talk for a while and then we’re apart. I think this might also happen in the future. We might meet again. Goodbye.” Since then I’ve hoped everyday for her to come back or even call me. I’ve tried to find her but I’ve failed. I’ll keep trying until I finally find her.
Those of you wondering why we parted ways, I’d only say that we had some complications, some things that weren’t supposed to happen, but they did.
I will always cherish those moments I’ve spent with her and the things we’ve talked about. She was the best person I’ve ever known and she continues to be my girl. I live in the awe of finding her one day. That day will come. I hope she’s happy. This post is inspired by her and is for her. I know someday she’ll be back and I’ll make her read this. For me, happiness is seeing her smiling, seeing her happy. This love story has to have that happy ending.

Hilton’s School Days.

I was a little kid when I joined Hilton’s School. I’ve always been proud that I did all my schooling from Hilton’s. I was admitted to nursery class. The admission definitely had something to do with the fact that both my siblings were studying in Hilton’s.
I remember my first day vaguely. It was a sunny day. 2nd of April it was. And I had a photoshoot at home before leaving for the school. My mum kissed me bye. That’s all I remember. My sister, my brother and I used to go to school by a vikram. Those were quite some days. I always cherish those moments when the three of us would have fun together.
Nursery was a great class, Mrs.Rubina Malhan was my classteacher. She was so sweet. I’m glad I’m still in touch with her. I remember once we had a fancy dress competition and I dressed up as Shaktiman. I looked cute. 😛
Then K.G. was boring. We used to reside at Turner Road during my Nursery. But the shifted to Indira Nagar when I was in K.G. I remember there was a day when I was crying because I didn’t want to come to school. And my chacha, who used to drop us to school, accompanied me to the class which was near the current Principal’s office. Joseph ma’am was sweet too but I never liked her, I don’t know why.
Then class 1st was fine, I don’t have any memories of that year. 2nd was great, because Rubina ma’am was the class teacher again. 3rd was fine with Mrs.Shikha Bisht being the class teacher. She was short heighted and strict. I liked doing S.U.P.W in 3rd. It was also the year where I found my mate, Vishal Kataria, who is still my bestfriend. There was Arpan Chakorborthy as well, he used to be my bench partner.I have no idea where he is now. It was also a year where I had a crush on a girl who went on to be my first girlfriend.
4th was a class where I started being a bright student and started participating in activities. The class teacher Archana ma’am made me into a bright student. She was really helpful. She pushed me into participating more and more. That was the first time I spoke in front of the assembly. It gave me quite some confidence.
5th was a class where I stood out. Mani Kohli ma’am was so sweet. She was our maths teacher and fortunately I was good at maths. I stood 3rd that year and it was a great feeling. I had been a regular participant in quizzes and assemblies.
Class 6th was the best year of schooling for me. It was maybe because Mrs Kavita Singhania (not related to me in any way) was the class teacher. She as the class monitor. That was a proud moment. Even though it isn’t a big thing, but at that time, I felt like I was on top of the world. It was the time I opened up and talked to the girls and that is how my crush of some years was finally my girlfriend. She was extraordinary. We had fun and that was a great time. It was also a time when my maths teacher would tell me to teach my friend Farha, who was terrible at maths. We used to sit together in all the classes and that was real fun. She would ask me stupid questions. I’m glad we’re still good friends and she asks me stupid questions still. 😀
Class 7th was when I started getting to know about things, things I never thought were supposed to happen that way. I was supposed to be in the B section. But I asked Mrs.Bhatia if I could change my section and be in her class I.e. the A section. I was granted the permission. And I was happy because my girlfriend was in that section as well. And my best friends too. Noor, who is still my bestfriend, was my bestfriend and he used to help me write silly songs for my girlfriend, Apeksha. I haven’t written about friends too much. Vishal is one who has been with me throughout these years. Kanishk, who was the topper from 3rd to 7th was a good friend as well. Akshay, Vinit, Manthan, Ayush, these were my mates.
Class 8th was a beautiful class because I had some beautiful friends. Noor, Prashant, Sugandha, Aditya, we had fun. We were always giggling and laughing. But my studies weren’t going too well. I used to fail in biology. The bio teacher, I hated her and I still do. She was too concerned about my personal life. Anyway, the class teacher, Ms.Nandini Anand, who has always supported me, was always there for me and she gave me confidence. She is a great human being. I broke up with Apeksha at the end of 7th. We never really got to know why we broke up. It was also because she was in the other section. Farha was my crush after that. She hated me. She would know why. She hated me for almost two years.
Class 9th, was a class where I had to choose between science and commerce. I chose commerce after I had left school for a while as I was interested in cricket and was shifting to Chandigarh to give it a shot. But then I didn’t. I guess friendship brought me back. 9th was again a turning point. I participated and won some trophies in 7th and 8th. But 9th was when I stood first in class. Mrs.Veena Arora was the class teacher. And I found three of the best friends anyone can have, Pratiksha, Shahrukh and Abhinav. They continue to be good friends. Class 9th was fun, I was in the B section. And Pawson sir’s classes were fun.
Class 10th was when sections B and C were combined into one, B.
That class I tell you, was the most naughty class I’ve been a part of. I made a lot of friends in 10th. Abhishek, Fahed, Vishal, Sunny, Tsering, They were all great. Farha and I decided to end the cold war. We turned out to be best friends. Tsering, who was also my girlfriend, has been a fantastic friend. It was all destiny. Once, our class teacher, Mrs.Pawar (arguably the best history teacher) made me sit with Tsering, she was a chulbuli character. I don’t know what happened and I proposed her in the space of about 20 odd minutes. The next week we were a couple. Although it turned out to be nothing serious. We broke up and we went on to be great friends. We still are. She’s in Paris and we speak quite often.
Another memory of 10th is..I had this girlfriend I had “pataoed” on orkut. That was weird and fun at the same time.
Rautela sir, our english teacher, was arguably again the best English teacher. He was fun to talk to. He praised me a lot for my composition writing. He was an admirer. And even though I just studied for a year under him, I continue to stay in touch with him. 10th was really something. I topped the commerce stream with 87.6% in the boards. I was happy. Parents weren’t. Atleast I think they weren’t.
Class 11th, the year where I became the spoilt kid. 😛
I did a lot of things. Lets face it, I realized that I won’t be going to school again after these 2 years. So I started having fun and more fun. Cricket practices were also great partially. Studies weren’t too good. I didn’t study well. I never prepared. I wasn’t the same Devansh anymore who used to be the allrounder in studies as well as extracurricular. Tina was my crush. Mrs.Awasthi, man I hated her. Maybe I still do. She was the worst of them all. She was partial and sure as hell she doesn’t deserve me wasting my time writing about her. 😛
We had a lot of fun..I was time and again questioned about spending time with the hostelers..I never cared what they said. I enjoyed their company and I still do. I wasn’t made a prefect because just before the induction ceremony was about to happen, I had a spat with Mrs Awasthi. A special mention to Arpit, Ayush, Satyam for being such good seniors. Farewell was also great, I was the anchor and we gave a good farewell to the seniors.
Class 12th, the last year of a great jouney. God, I have so much I could write. 12th was the boards class, we were always pressurized to study for the boards. Did we care? Hell no!
I had realized I was never going to relive the SchoolLife again. Therefore, I made sure I didn’t have any regrets. I was the Esaw House captain. I always gave my all for the house and I’m proud I was associated with it. And that teachers like Archana ma’am, Bhatia ma’am, Nandini ma’am were associated as well. They were always encouraging me. We didn’t have a sports day because we didn’t have the ground to ourselves, such a shame it was. O wouldve loved leading my house in the march. Sakshi, was a sweet girl, I was dating her then. I did have a crush on Shraddha and it turned out to be a good one. Anyway, I had the best times at Hilton’s and the shirt day was also memorable. Getting compliments from fellow students and teachers was good. The board exams were fine. All of us knew we will never come back to that institution as students. The last day at school, I wanted to say goodbye to a lot of people, but people weren’t there because our exam finished in the evening. The farewell was good too, not too many memories I’d like to cherish though.
I would like to thank all my friends and schoolmates for being so kind and fun. And to the teachers for making me who I am today.
I will always cherish being a hiltonite and I’m a proud one. Its sad to see how the school is degrading and rumors are that it may be sold off. I hope this place continues to be a good school. I will always miss school. :’)
Cheers 😀